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Guaranteed Success

When you make a software purchase, most companies will charge you extra just to learn how to use the very product you purchased. We don't think that makes much sense.

When you sign up with Stock, you’ll get help from our expert team setting it up to fit your business, training for yourself and anyone on your staff who needs an account, getting contacts and products imported, as well as ongoing help as you need it. We have dedicated success managers whose job is to ensure your Stock implementation as well as continuous use goes perfectly.

A Sales Process
that Really Works

Stock isn't just another software. It's an entire sales process with a proven track record of delivering incredible results to all of our users. The software platform is just one of the tools we provide you with.

48% of sales reps never follow up – and 80% of sales aren't made until after the 5th to 12th contact. Stock ensures you have a system in place that takes care of all the best sales practice procedures, many of them entirely automated in the system, tailored to you and how you want it.

Intelligent Lead Management

The difference between no sale and a closed sale is often an extra email or phone call, a properly scheduled follow up – or remembering your lead wanted a certain item when your competitor dropped the ball. Stock helps you stay on top of all the things that can determine whether a sale closes.

Lead management processes are important. After all, what's an extra sale worth? An extra ten sales? Being able to track every detail of every prospect you have allows you to sell more, sell smarter and deliver a better customer experience.

Why is Stock my Best Option?

Stock is built specifically for the environment in which building products retailers do business. We are strong advocates of using the right tool for the job, without compromise, with everything you need – and nothing you don't.

Our philosophy begins and ends with user experience. It has to feel right, it has to be purposeful and it has to work seamlessly. This is not a one-size fits-all compromise built for "everyone" and this is not an add-on to an accounting or invoice system. Stock is designed for you to deliver a better experience to your customers and close more sales.

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Welcome to the Future!

Sell more, sell smarter and deliver a better customer experience with Lead Tool.

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