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Lead Tool and 4me Group becomes Stock Systems

November 1, 2017
Significant growth and expansion into new key areas of cloud based services for the building products industry is why Lead Tool and 4me Group LLC will become Stock Systems as of November 1st.

The name change into Stock Systems, referred to as Stock, reflects the growth and future direction of the cloud-based platform, which now includes more than lead management and CRM. Under the new company flag, Stock will offer Stock Inventory as well as Stock Logistics. Lead Tool CRM becomes Stock Sales.

Founded in 2013 by successful lumberyard owner/operators, Stock Systems offer an industry-specific cloud based platform for businesses to run their operations from anywhere with an internet connection. Built entirely from scratch for the cloud, Stock’s apps use cutting edge technology to deliver an excellent experience for customers and users alike. The platform has three distinct pieces which all integrate seamlessly: CRM and sales pipeline management (Stock Sales), inventory (Stock Inventory), logistics and order tracking (Stock Logistics). Stock also offers a public REST API which can be used to integrate into existing systems.

Under the slogan The Customer Experience Platform, Stock has been a software innovator in the building products industry since day one, having built the only fully cloud-based platform available that allows companies to deliver a truly modern sales experience to its customers.

Stock is led by Chase Shiels, with co-founders Joakim Stensson and Dan Shiels. Joakim is a former marketing executive with decades of experience in technology and e-commerce in the building products industry. Previously, Dan owned and ran Charles F. Shiels & Company, a Cincinnati based distributor of imported & domestic hardwoods with dry kiln facilities and a custom millwork operation. There, Chase oversaw inventory and equipment management and Dan served as President & Chairman of the board.

In case of inquiries, please contact

Chase Shiels
(513) 317-4068
Joakim Stensson
(513) 580-7689
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