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Credit Card Payments Made Easy

Easily and securely charge credit cards & payment history right from your Stock account with Stripe.

Getting paid has never been this easy.

Your Stock account comes with a built-in credit card processor. A miniature POS system, if you will. Hit the charge button, punch in your customer's credit card information, witchcraft happens and your customers' credit card is immediately charged.

A Full Payment History.

View your customer's payment history at any time from within Stock. Every charge you make to them through Stripe - even if it's not from Stock - will show up. You can even refund a payment if necessary.

Powered by Stripe.

Stock integrates directly with your Stripe account to safely bill your customers. Stripe processes billions of dollars a year for thousands of companies worldwide.

Try it out!

Seeing is believing. Click the button below to see how simple it is to charge a credit card inside Stock. Your credit card form will automaticaly be customized to display your business name, your customer's email, and of course the description and amount you enter.
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