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Way Better Than a Spreadsheet.

Our accounts come in two flavors: regular and manager.
The manager account provides oversight (and insight!) into the entire sales operations. As a manger, your account has the ability to touch every lead in the system. You also have a birdseye view of the sales staff, allowing you to focus on customer experience as well as tracking all activity that happens out there on the floor.

Here are a few things the manager account includes:

Access user's leads

Someone called in sick? Need to look into something? Have a look at all the leads.

Edit user's leads.

Is Sally's customer at the door and she's out to lunch?

Assign and re-assign leads

Also known as God Mode.

Delete Leads

Hit a button and it disappears.

A complete activity log.

All phonecalls, appointments, calls made, emails sent and follow ups scheduled are logged, timestamped and available to you.

Control settings for your users

Like automatically scheduled follow ups.

Control work schedules

Way better than a piece of paper on a pinboard.

Birdseye Statistics

Who sold what to whom, and how?

Custom Data

Create custom statuses, sources, products and much more, and they will be available to your team.

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Welcome to the Future!

Sell more, sell smarter and deliver a better customer experience with Lead Tool.

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