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Your Documents, Signed in Minutes.

Not Days.

So Long, Old Times!

If you've ever printed, scanned and emailed -or worse, sent it in an envelope!- a blurry old contract or purchase agreement to a customer, you already know it's a chore for you and for your customer. It's unintuitive, it takes days to get it signed and comes with a whole bag full of time-wasting administration. On both ends.

Hello Modern Times!

Stock comes with built in electronic signature features. No more manual paperwork or chasing down customers to sign a document so you can close the deal. Send your customer a contract or an agreement from Stock in seconds, and it will be signed, sealed and delivered to you before you finish carrying your old fax machine down to the basement. And yes, electronic signatures are just as legally binding as if a notary public had witnessed your customer sign the same document with an analog pen. What an age we live in!

How does it work?

You simply create your document template once, mark where the customer has to sign, and send it over to him or her.

Your customer is given a link over email explaining how their signature is requested on the document. Lead Tool immediately notifies you that the customer has opened the document, and once he or she signs it, the signed document will be returned to you. You can create templates for several documents once, and then save them as templates ready to use for all your customers, or you can create unique templates for specific agreements.
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Welcome to the Future!

Sell more, sell smarter and deliver a better customer experience with Lead Tool.

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