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People forget three things a day.

Using Stock ensures that you and your staff remember every detail of your business – because the system never forgets.

Stock allow you to automate follow up scheduling for you and your entire staff, so you don't have to. Simply set up when you want follow ups to be scheduled and you'll never miss an important one again! Did you hear the sound of that car leaving just now? The old boring and tedious aspects of your job was in it, and now you're free to do more of what you actually like!

You can set up Stock to do a number of clever things for you, tailored around how you want to work, such as;
  • - A reminder to follow up on a new lead after 5 days, or 10 days, or 30.
  • - Schedule an automatic follow up to remind to confirm an installation the day before it's scheduled.
  • - Make a note about following up with a lead that bought from you 6 months ago - perhaps they need something more?
  • - Get a list of everyone you quoted, everyone you called, email or even everyone who brought home samples.
  • - Set up a date with your highschool sweetheart at a 50s style diner. (OK – this may or may not be true, unless your sweetheart is a lead)

... But I never forget to call!

That's awesome! But that may not be true for the rest of your staff. By automating your sales process in Stock, you can be sure your you and your staff don't have to worry about doing the dull administrative work of scheduling tasks. This means you get to spend more time selling.
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Welcome to the Future!

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