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Unlike other software systems, Stock's only objective is help you sell. It's a sales enablement platform and CRM system built specifically for building products retailers.

Stock is not an after-thought or bolt-on to an accounting or invoicing system, which means it's tailored around how you work without compromises or challenges. Because if it gets in your way, it gets in your customer's way. Manage your business without the fuss in one easy to use application tailored around you and how you do business.
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Add New Leads with One Click

Success starts with the simplest but most important task. Type in your prospect’s info, add your notes and save. If you’ve already drawn up a quote or scheduled a follow up appointment you can add those here, too.

Your Whole Pipeline easily laid out

Every prospect you're working, every sample you have out, every one of your sold leads - you are going to love the pipeline.

Automate Your Follow Ups

Follow up is key to every sales pro’s success. Stock reminds you to contact both new leads and others you’ve scheduled follow up for. You can even set it up to schedule follow ups for you.
Learn more about Automation

Data Intelligence

This is artificial intelligence and wizardry condensed into a simple feature you are going to love. Simply enter some basic information into a lead, like an email address, allow witchcraft to happen, and the system will provide you with more information on your lead. Where they live, where they work, their social media profiles, their interests and much more.

Crazy? Yes. Amazingly useful? You bet!
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A simple but clever Calendar

A great overview for what lies ahead - appointments, follow ups, measure.
Managers can even flip between their own leads, and those of their store.

Credit Card Payments

Easily and securely charge credit cards and view all your customers' payment history right from your Stock account, integrated with Stripe.

Learn more about Payments

Appointment and Follow Up Reminders

Integrate seamlessly with your Google Calendar or iCal. Schedule an appointment in Stock and it goes right into your calendar.

Advanced Reporting

You don’t need to be a tech wizard to use these reports. Segment by source, user, product, activity, sales rep, location and much more. Use what you see to determine and replicate best practices that generate the most closed sales.
Learn more about Reports

Electronic Signatures

Stock comes with built in electronic signature features. No more manual paperwork or chasing down customers to sign a document so you can close the deal.
Learn more about E-Signatures

Keep Everything in one Place

There's no better way to track your status with each lead in one place. Set up the material they’re interested in, their status, track phone and email interactions, add notes and files. Stock can generate reports to show you where you are with all of your leads.

Every Lead's Info is Readily Available

Ever been drowned in a sea of phone calls and emails and forget which material to quote your customer? Can’t remember what you talked about the other day with your customer? Glance over your notes for a quick refresher.

An Excellent Product Catalog

Stock lets you track your inventory with as much or as little info as you'd like. Better yet, it remembers every product you enter. You can track by Brand, Line, Style, Color and Item NumberLearn more about Products

So Much Room for Activities!

The advanced Activity Log ensures you always stay on top of what has happened with every prospect.
All phone calls, voicemails left, emails sent and appointments scheduled creates a complete timeline for you.
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Welcome to the Future!

Sell more, sell smarter and deliver a better customer experience with Lead Tool.

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