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Know Which Customers
are Most Likely to Buy

Without knowing who’s most likely to buy, it’s tough to determine how to spend your time (and your money!). As a salesperson, owner, or manager, you want to maximize the value of every customer intereaction. By tracking these interactions in Stock, you can find out how and where you succeed and where you can improve.

Increase ROI on Sales & Marketing Spending

The best way to determine what’s working for any business is data on what’s taking place within the business.
Want to know how many of your online leads close or how to improve your follow up process? Stock Enterprise reports on everything you and your team do in the system in an easy to understand format. These reports highlight areas where you and your team excel and areas where you can improve across the entire sales process. Maybe making more phone calls will mean more closed sales. Maybe a current marketing campaign is doing exceptionally well and you want to put more ad dollars toward it.
You can now easily visualize sales & marketing performance in real time and make adjustments to what you’re doing on the fly. Find problem areas in the sales process that are getting in the way of you and your staff, then fix them. Whether you want to monitor changes in where your traffic is coming from (source) or what your customers want (material), or find sticking points in the sales process (how long are leads in each status?), Enterprise will help provide the answers.

Absolutely no setup required

You don’t need to be a tech wizard to use these reports. With every enterprise account you get great reports without hassle. We segment by source, user, material, activity and more automatically. Use what you to see to determine & replicate best practices that generate the most closed sales.

Reports for Managers and Users

Whether you’re a manager wanting an overview of your sales team’s performance or a salesperson wanting to find out which sources you close the most, we have you covered. It all comes back to the basic principle that by tracking your process, you can easily measure it. With enterprise, you can look at how things are going at anytime. Stock logs your actions as you put them into the system, so you can check your progress as you go.
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