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A Birdseye View
of your Entire Audience

Stock Data Intelligence – plugged directly into your business and your customers, in real time. It can map out your entire target audience and enirches your leads with incredibly useful and valuable information.

The days where you could rely on 3-month media plans and long term ad buys to set you up for the next quarter don't apply anymore. The way people purchase goods and services have changed, the way people research things have changed and what people expect from the buying process -particularly millennials- means you have to stay ahead and on top.

Stock was designed to help you do exactly that.

Let Modern Technology do the Work for you

Is an email address all you have for a prospect? Save it to Stock and use Data Intelligence to enrich it with information from hundreds of sources – their phone number, their employer, their exact location down to the ZIP code, their interests as well as their social media accounts.

Perfect for Sales Reps – Incredible for Marketers

Every person in a marketing position anywhere in the world is aware of the following; print circulation doesn't tell the full story, high click-through rates don't automatically make a good campaign, and analyzing the traffic on your website is not the answer to everything. You also know that audience analysis isn't always all that reliable, and let's not even get started on focus groups.

Stock Systems Data Intelligence hands you the entire roadmap. This isn't a survey or simple analytics, this is data gathered from every interaction with every prospect and every sale with every customer. You will have your entire target audience defined – all the way from which social media platform they like best, down to their interests and exact location.

Here are some specific details of what Stock Data Intelligence covers:

Geographic ZIP code, county, longitude and latitude, political district.
Psychographic Interests and hobbies
Behavioral Customers, prospects, preferred communication channels.
Demographic Biography, Photo, marital status, age, family name, employer.
Corporate Company name, key people, websites, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, revenue, founding date, employees.
Which can answer questions like:

  • What is each specific marketing effort generating in terms of sales?
  • Who specifically is buying what?
  • Which areas have the strongest buyers, and where are they weak?
  • What percentage of buyers are on Twitter vs on Facebook?
  • What are the top interests and hobbies among our customers?
  • Is there a correlation between specific interests are and much more.
  • What percentage of buyers are on Twitter vs on Facebook.
  • Are my customers on Yelp? Which ones?
  • Are there any identifyable patterns when prospects don't turn into sales?
  • ... and are there any when they do?

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