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Built from Experience

We’ve always been innovators. Our story started over 125 years ago, with a family business specializing in imported and domestic hardwoods. In 1976, we put the first Caterpillar diesel engine in a Ford F700. Ford later on started to mass produce that model - and the top customer was Coca Cola, buying 80 trucks the first year of production.

1980 marked the year we put in computer controlled dry kilns, which was a groundbreaking technology at the time. In 1983, we were the first lumberyard east of Mississippi with an abrasive planer. We started to use handheld computers in the 1990s for tallying. Most people didn’t even have mobile phones back then. Speaking of mobile phones, we equipped our sales team with smartphones in 2005 so they could communicate with their customers when they’re needed. In 2007, when it was just an odd abbreviation, we implemented a CRM system.

We believe in doing things right, and doing them well.

Today, our team has experience in all three key points of the supply chain: manufacturing, distribution, and retail. We have experience in selling to modern consumers. We have sold millions of dollars worth of eCommerce, worked with tens of thousands of online leads and purchased media for the building products industry worth tens of millions. We know what works, and what doesn’t, and more importantly - what the customers want.

Our experience in all related aspects of our industry has been translated into a fully cloud-based software platform to run entire operations: sales, inventory and logistics, tailored to the building products industry from the very start.

Assembled from scratch by us, not as tech geeks, but as industry professionals. Our platform is based on our experience running a modern business that delivers an amazing customer experience in the best, and most simple, way.

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