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Built for the Building Products Industry

The Customer Experience Platform

Smart CRM to help you sell more, sell smarter and deliver a better customer experience with Stock.

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From spreadsheets to the cloud in minutes

Stock Delivers

$80 in sales for every $1 spent.Some even see $200 for every $1 spent.
50% increase in your close rate.On Average.

Make it easy for customers to buy

It's all about experience.

Modern customers expect the best. We help you deliver it.

Simplify Sales

Your sales process determines whether or not you win a sale. A great sales process always means a great customer experience.

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Automate your sales process

48% of sales reps never bother to follow up. Easily stay in touch with customers by scheduling fully customizable follow ups.

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Know your Audience

Map out your entire target audience and enirch your leads with incredibly useful and valuable information.

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Stay Organized

Ditch the files and keep all of your info in one place. Notes, files, appointments. Search by status, source, & item. Access from any internet-capable device.

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Spend Wisely

Make sure you're spending money on the right advertising. Insight matters - find out where you get the most bang for your buck.

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Know your Business

Get real time business insights and reports to improve marketing & forecasting.

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Designed for Building Products Retailers
to Sell More - Today

Stock is a cloud based, mobile sales enablement and CRM software, built by a team of experienced operators and technologists to do one thing exceptionally well - help you sell more. Tell me more

Implement a Sales Process
that Works

If you don't bother to follow up with a customer who walks out your door, you're letting their business walk out with them - and research shows they won't appreciate that you forgot them! Use the system to make sure you never forget to follow up on a quote (or anything else!) again. Tell me more

Real-time Reports
to Improve your Business

Without knowing who’s most likely to buy, it’s tough to determine how to spend your time (and your money!). As a salesperson, owner, or manager, you want to maximize the value of every customer intereaction. By tracking these interactions in Stock, you can find out how and where you succeed and where you can improve.. Tell me more
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Welcome to the Future!

Sell more, sell smarter and deliver a better customer experience with Lead Tool.

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